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Midlands first luxury bespoke Fitness Club

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Areas of Focus

Waheed Aesthetic's Health & Fitness Club offers a comprehensive choice of services in an unrivalled, bespoke and contemporary environment. The club gives members access to high intensity studio classes, a state-of-the-art gym comprising of free weights area and a range of cardiovascular and resistance machines. Based in the heart of Birmingham, it's the ideal place in which to understake personal training sessions with Waheed.

Weight Loss

Look good for when it matters. Personalised weight loss programs specially designed with target dates and goals in mind. Perfect for events such as weddings, ceremonies and other memorable events. These are also available as couples packages and have the benefit of training together with a partner for that special day

Lean Muscle Gain

Acheive explosive growth. Lean muscle gains with one-to-one sessions with Waheed

Functional Training

Detailed exercise and training will help develop the ground based movement skills, body positions, and explosive power essential for sports

Suspension Training

Using high-tech suspension training TRX equipment at the purpose-built luxury Fitness & Training club at the heart of Birmingham

Sports Rehab & Injury Prevention

We provide general and specific programmes to ensure you are physically prepared for all work and recreational tasks you undertake

Pre/post natal fitness & support

Pre and post-natal training programmes which are highly beneficial to both mother and baby

Sports massage & Treatments

Soft tissue treatment such as massage can help you overcome an injury and can also be used as a preventative measure

Day-to-day home fitness plans

Customised day-to-day home plans to suit your lifestyle

about WAHEED

I have always been involved within the sport, fitness and health industry for all of my adult life. I have always had a passion and enthusiasm for fitness, how the body works and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Due to injury in my football career I was forced to move away from what I loved but was never driven away from my other passion; health and fitness. I have worked in a variety of jobs including a sports coach and have been a personal trainer within a leading health club for over three years. Holding a degree in Sports Studies and currently managing a fitness center in Birmingham I have been fortunate enough to have gained extensive knowledge of how to train, eat and live my life to achieve and more importantly maintain peek physical condition.

In the past year I have ventured into physique modeling which has led me to dramatically step up the way I train, eat and live my life. I am extremely interested with how I can constantly be improving the way I look physically. I am often approached or asked about the ways in which I exercise, my diet and what supplements I take in order to achieve my physique. This was my main motivation for setting up my service to help others reach their physical aspirations.

It is all well and good that I have attained the physique I have today but I believe it is important that you seek guidance from someone who practices what he preaches. I also realise that it is important for me to help others in achieving their exercise and physical ambitions. Not everyone will be able to genetically attain a ‘fitness model’ body but I am very passionate about motivating and influencing anyone who is fit and able to train to achieve their maximum potential in their physical conditioning.


Graduate (Sports Exercise and Science)

Exercise and Sport Psychology Certification

Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Resistance Training Specialist Certification

Effective Strength Training Certification

Weight Management Certification

Suspension Training Specialist

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119 Mosely Street, Birmingham, B12 0RY, UK


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Time left until launching

Waheed Aesthetic Health & Fitness Club opening soon in the heart of Birmingham..

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Upcoming events

Join Waheed at various events and shows across the UK.

Catch me tomorrow at ambur radios annual dinner and dance, where i shall be presenting an award and also giving you a insight at what I shall be offering early next year, in the cities first luxury bespoke studio.

ambur radio  •  Saturday 13, 2014